“Taking Education
To The Next Level”

Our Approach

In today’s fast paced and evolving world, the one constant is CHANGE and in this scenario the role of an educator and educational institution is also constantly evolving.

At ESP, we are conscious and sensitive to the challenges that this poses to the student community and education institutions of today and the stresses that they face to be successful in a demanding world.

St. Mark’s has been a leading institution in terms of New Age approaches to education and in this regard has pioneered the STEP Approach to education and has evolved the model from 2008 onwards and is the base platform on which we build all our solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

We see our role more as a GUIDE to our clients with a focus on providing an education platform with the broadest horizon of experience and exposure and in that process evolving students and education institutions into THINKING and INNOVATION points that assure success in an evolving world.